Consortium member

Lars Roed Ingerslev



Main Research Interests

  • Epigenetics analysis
  • Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance
  • Single-cell omics


Lars is a bioinformatician working as a staff scientist at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen.

He was born in Denmark and completed both his Bachelors and Masters at the Technical University of Denmark, before doing his PhD under the supervision of Professor Romain Barrès at the University of Copenhagen where he studied the potential mechanisms enabling transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in both humans and rodents. After finishing his PhD he has continued working at the Centre for Basic Metabolic Research as a staff scientist in the Single-Cell Omics Platform.

Key Research Outputs

Skeletal Muscle Enhancer Interactions Identify Genes Controlling Whole-body Metabolism. Williams, K., Ingerslev, L.R., et al. (2020) Nature Communications 11:1.

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Drive Epigenetic Variation of Spermatozoa in Humans. Donkin, I., Versteyhe, S., Ingerslev, L.R., et al. (2016) Cell Metabolism 23: 2, 369-78.

High-fat Diet Reprograms the Epigenome of Rat Spermatozoa and Transgenerationally Affects Metabolism of the Offspring. de Castro Barbosa, T., Ingerslev, L.R., et al. (2016) Molecular Metabolism 5: 3, 184-97.