Consortium member

Marie Pignol


Research Officer

Main study

Main Research Interests

  • Epigenetic inheritance
  • Paternal Nutrition
  • Cognitive development


Marie is a Research Officer at the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacological Institute (IPMC), CNRS, in France.

Shortly after completing a Master of Research in Neurosciences at Aix-Marseille University in July 2020, she joined the IPMC under the direction of Jean-Louis Nahon to work on the role of the melanin-concentrating hormone in the regulation of neuroendocrine functions in high fat diet context with mice.

Since 2022, Marie actively contribute to the GECKO Consortium by conducting the geoMOUSE 2.0 study under the direction of Romain Barrès. This project aims at revealing the influence of paternal nutrition on epigenetic modifications and cognitive performance.