Consortium member

Maud Maillaut


Research Officer


Maud works as a research officer and an engineer at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (IPMC) located in Sophia Antipolis, Nice, South of France.

Maud completed a technical undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Toulon in 2017. Then, she joined the biological engineering school Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis. She specialized in pharmacology and biotechnology and graduated in September 2020.

Shortly after, she was hired as an engineer in Jean-Louis Nahon’s team at IPMC and worked in collaboration with Thierry Virolle at the Valrose Institute of Biology. For 3 years, she characterized long non-coding PMCHL RNAs in glioblastoma stem cells.

She joined Romain Barres’s team and the GECKO Consortium in November 2023 and is now involved in the sperm purification project. Its role is to design and build an easy-to-use device for fertility clinics to select spermatozoa in the context of medically assisted procreation.